#Accessoriesthatthrill Mikara: Fabrice Tardieu


For this week, we will get into some luxury sneakers I saw while shopping for an editorial for a magazine. Shall we get into it… LET’S!
 I’ve worked with this brand a couple of times before and everytime I go in the boutique, I’m in awe with all of the menswear and sneakers at Fabrice Tardieu. I was suppose to be viewing some shoe wear for women but I spotted the RUNNER 02 PRINT SIBILLA (crocodile) shoe in the middle of the table. I tried to imagine this shoe fitting with the editorial but unfortunately, it would just look meh – not cohesive with the magazine style. I certainly would suggest this sneaker to a personal client or person who wears shoes all the time and wants to maintain his elegance in his appearance, I would assign him to this brand. Fabrice, the owner and founder, has a strong background in fashion and fashion business, and with his well-rounded knowledge , I wouldn’t think anything short from his brand. Just looking at the sneakers, actually makes me want to them for myself...

RUNNER 02 PRINT SIBILLA (crocodile)2.jpg
RUNNER 02 PRINT SIBILLA (crocodile)1.jpg