Fabrice Tardieu

Miami, Florida

What inspired your foray into show design after such a successful career in luxury menswear?

When I had my previous brand Bogosse, the only thing I was not designing was shoes. Since shoes have always been my favorite accessory to wear, it was always a huge challenge for me to find the perfect pair of shoes that were fashionable and relevant to what is going on in the fashion industry without being obnoxiously expensive and uncomfortable. I, therefore, decided to end this drama by designing my own.

Fabrice's shoes model.PNG

Who would you like to see wear a pair of Fabrice Tardieu shoes?

I would love to see Barack and Michele Obama wearing Fabrice.

How has social media helped your brand?

Social Media has helped the brand be recognized internationally. It is truly an excellent tool for my line of work

Shoes - Fabrice Tardieu.PNG

What's next?

We are currently working on a capsule collection in collaboration with one of my favorite athletes, boxer Saul Alvares "Canelo" that will be "DA BOMB" as my son Driss would say.

What quote or motto do you live your life by?

"Always pick to fight One battle at a time" and "Never forget that Passion moves Mountains"