13 Biggest Fashion Trends for Fall 2017


Shake, shake, shake!

Fun Fur

Fun for you. Because of all the fun colors and patterns. Not so fun for the animals. Faux, though. Faux is fun for everyone.

Bedtime Stories

Robes and PJs and slips and quilts worn as ponchos — it’s the next best thing to actually just staying home and laying in bed all day.


But, like, dark, romantic florals.

Glitter Bomb

Cloth of Gold

Hot Mess

Undone, deconstructed, or, in some cases, just plain falling apart, piled on layer after odd, mismatched layer.

Leather Pants

Looser than leather leggings and more badass thanks to all the fun details.

Supersized Shearling


One Shoulder

Sexy and oh-so slinky.


The easy way to mix prints.

Neutral Plaids


Political Slogans

The fashion community — both in America and abroad — has a lot to say about the state of the union.

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