No surprise here: Dwyane Wade returns to Miami, hangs with Heat friends

It was a Cinderella story Friday for Miami Heat fans who caught a glimpse of Dwyane Wade and Udonis Haslem at, of all places, the unveiling of Miami designer Fabrice Tardieu’s new Woman’s SS 2017 Slipper at the Doheny Room at the Delano. Yup, a woman’s slipper. A fabulous one, no less.

Hosted by celeb stylist Calyann Barnett, the party featured cameos by the aforementioned as well as baller wives Faith Haslem and Jenine Howard.

Wade and Haslem posed for pix with a few fans and were seen having a great time laughing with friends. They also made sure to get a pair of the shoes for their better halves.  Around midnight, Wade, Haslem, Barnett, and Tardieu plus about 20 enjoyed a late night dinner at Leynia.

Maybe this Cinderella story ends with Wade returning to the Miami Heat. A fan can dream, right?

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