Just got them today they look great in person. They feel great, smell like great leather just a awesome shoe. If your unsure about shoe size like i was here is what I got, I’m a size 9.5 in US I got a size 41.5 and they fit great on me

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Ronald Reaves
We need more of these!!! When are you restocking? I need three pair in 43

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nicolas barrantes
Purchased these sneakers a couple days ago and all I have are very high remarks. These shoes are VERY fairly priced considering the quality and attention to detail. Another designer would easily double their price if this were their sneaker. Fabrice also communicated with me through instagram so I could find the exact shoe I was looking for.

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Shoe is form fitting & soft on inside. Outside camo material is high end quality. Wear these sneakers with skinny jeans or shorts…goes with everything!!

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