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Fashion Designer Fabrice Tardieu on Dressing Miami Men

Fashion designer Fabrice Tardieu is mixing and matching his way into dressing the fashion-forward man.

There’s a look around the 305, one that just screams “Miami.” You can see it at parties on South Beach, strolling around the street art in Wynwood, and even in the Miami Heat team video—it’s designer Fabrice Tardieu’s signature look, and it’s putting Miami on the fashion map.

“The average doctor, lawyer, TV personality, athlete, they want to look sexy, but they don’t want to look obnoxious,” says Tardieu of his sartorial approach, which he calls “laid-back luxury.” “It was time for someone to start a line that expressed that with a lot of small details and exquisite manufacturing, but wasn’t too crazy, because people want to look good and stand out, but they don’t want people to make fun of them.”

No one is laughing at the brand that Tardieu started in 2014 and is on display in his new Little River showroom. His collection of sneakers, jogging suits, blazers, suits, and street wear mixes both elements of casual and luxury to serve as all-purpose attire for the fashionable man.

“I have sneakers that are python skin, and then I just added fuchsia rubber soles,” he says, noting that the shoe line is inspired by women’s handbags. “And I did some jogging suits, but I had them tailored by guys who make three-piece suits and blazers, so that the jogging suit fits you like a glove. That’s the look.”

It’s a look appreciated by fashion icons like Dwyane Wade, Lewis Hamilton, and Swizz Beatz as well as Gabrielle Union, who rocks Tardieu’s women’s sneakers. Grateful for their support, Tardieu notes that being based in the Magic City helps to set him apart as a designer.

“That’s the thing with Miami—when you have a good product and you have people like this helping you, it’s very special. I don’t know that that happens in every city,” he says. “Here, when you’re doing something with love, the people support it and give the love back to you.”

Miami is also a source of creativity for Tardieu. He uses the city’s diversity, colors, and beauty for ideas for upcoming collections. “My biggest problem is that my head has too much inspiration in it,” he says.

Tardieu’s fashion sensibility comes from years of traveling around the world. Born and raised in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, he studied in France, then began his career there working for Giorgio Armani, before launching shirt label Bogosse a dozen years ago. Now his collection, which this season will be packed with lightweight blazers that can be mixed with Bermuda shorts and his Stan sneakers or paired with trousers and a tie, depending on the occasion, certainly reflects both his Miami life and his travels.

“Something that I learned from my old boss Giorgio Armani was that your items must be recognized from a mile away,” he says. “Buying something with logos all over is not cool; I find it a little vulgar. Being subtle is important. But when you see a Fabrice product and the level of detailing, it can be recognized from a mile away.” 7221 NW Second Ave., Miami

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