Fashion Trends of 2017: What Are They?

We cannot reiterate more and more that 2016 was a bizarre, unpredictable and crazy year. So what does 2017 have in store for us? For the state of the United States or the world, we have no idea and do not want to even delve in that argument. However, we are more than delighted to talk about what the fashion world could offer us. And what better way to start off the year than with its predicted trends?!

So, stay in the now and look in the future with us by seeing the predicted trends of 2017. Because, who doesn’t like to stay ahead of the game?

1. Pink

Sorry Pantone, you say greenery is the color of 2017 but from all the information we’ve gathered, it looks like pink is taking its spot.

2. Platforms

Soaring to new heights this year? Platforms will definitely get you there, being one of the most seen trends on the 2017 runways.

3. One-sided Shoulders

2016 was the year of no shoulders and now 2017 is the year of asymmetrical shoulders. Cover one up!

4. Khaki

2017 is back to basics. It looks like every designer incorporated this classic and practical material into their designs, from street style to preppy.

5. Athlesiure

Workout clothes are the comfiest so why not always be prepared to go the gym? Chic athletic wear will be all over the place!

6. Bows

2017 is calling to our feminine side so take advantage of it!

7. Quoted Shirts

Express yourself in 2017 with a slogan T-shirt, which were rampant in all runways such as Michael Kors, Dior and Haider Ackermann.

8. Corsets

We are not talking about the ones we see promoted on Instagram by basically every celebrity. These will not shuffle your organs! Instead, they will give you a nice shape and more options to wear your favorite tee!


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