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Top Picks from Our New Collection

If you’re a lover of laid-back luxury footwear (and of course you are, or you wouldn’t be reading this blog) you have more to celebrate this holiday season than just the Holidays. What? I hear you ask. The answer is simple:


The collection, featuring a range of luxury sneakers, boots, and mocassins for both men and women, is everything you would expect from the drawing board of Fabrice Tardieu. It has all the hallmarks of quality we have come to expect from this brand, the finest Italian leather meticulously handcrafted by Italian artisans, the eye-catching details that are Fabrice’s trademark, combined with brave new motifs and some striking colors and prints.

You can check out the full collection for yourself here or if you’re afraid you’ll be overwhelmed by the sheer abundance of fancy footwear, read on to see what our top picks from the collection are.

Maximilien Black & Gold

The indisputable star of the collection is the Maximillian Star. This striking sneaker is available in both Men’s and Women’s models. The Maximillian Star combines the best features of casual footwear with extra high soles. The other notable feature of the Maximillian Star is the star print. This reflects Fabrice Tardieu’s belief that we are all stars in our own universe, we all have that inner quality of magic in our souls, and the Maximillian Star allows us to both feel and express this in a unique and exciting way.

Maximilien 05 Aqua Laminate

The Maximillian aqua laminate is a laminated python print leather sneaker with leather laces and custom zipper details. The bright glittery aqua-marine color makes it the perfect party sneaker for this holiday season, or indeed any time of the year when you want to grab a bit of attention.

Milky Boot 42 Bicolor Python

This python printed high top sneaker with leather laces and signature zipper details is perfect for the girl on the go. Stylish, practical and comfortable, it’s a must in the shoe closet of those who lead a busy, active life.

Ella 48 Argento Bordeaux Cremino

The striking silver-burgundy of this python print leather sneaker with zipper details combined with extra thick heels and soles to give you that boost in height and self-confidence make it an immediate eye-catcher. If you want to be comfortable and confident in your footwear and still get people to notice when you’ve made an entrance, this is the shoe for you. Laid-back luxury with attitude!

Tunisian 03 Jmf Navy & White

Leather lined slippers, perfect for when you want to retire from the hectic world outside and enjoy downtime with loved ones. And if you find it hard to switch off, kick back and smell the roses, just look at the motif ’’Je mén fous – I do not care“, inspirational words indeed.

These are just our favorites from Fabrice Tardieu’s new collection but don’t forget to check out the whole range for yourself. And Gentlemen, do not despair. The Maximillian Star and the Python Boot, among others,  are available in Men’s models and there are plenty more Men’s sneakers and mocassins just waiting to envelop your feet in the luxuriousness that is a Fabrice Tardieu shoe.