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Ultimate Double Monkstrap Guide

The double monkstrap is easy to define: it’s a shoe that has two buckles instead of laces. More formal than a blucher but less formal than a balmoral, it’s an under-utilized wardrobe workhorse.

For the staid among us, it’s too showy and uncommon. For the streetwear enthusiast, it’s too dressy and not loud enough.

For those willing to give it a try, though, this shoe occupies a sweet spot in our wardrobes. Its stylishness is a function of its rich history and mild eccentricity. Few shoe styles are so rakish, yet still office-appropriate.

The double monk’s versatility is formidable, as it’s available in a wide range of colors and materials. They can be found in leather, suede, and exotic skins in a myriad of colors. They’re available in ankle boot versions. You can find buckles in various shapes and metals. Plenty of makers produce new versions every year, and you can go the custom route if your budget permits.

The world is your oyster in a double monk.

Double Monk Infographic