You Can’t Go Wrong with Designer Shoes for Men

Anyone who cares about their appearance craves a pair of elegant Italian shoes for men. But with price tags in the hundreds of dollars, men’s designer shoes and high-end sneakers might seem more like a self-indulgent luxury than a necessary part of your wardrobe.

With the proper attention, a well-made shoe or sneaker will always last longer and be more comfortable than a cheaper version, but for some, that may not justify paying double what you would expect to for a mid range pair of shoes. So, what is it that makes them so expensive?

For the true answer to that question, we have to go beyond merely practical considerations and delve a little deeper. What, really, is a shoe?

The worst nightmare for a hotel concierge or restaurant maitre’d is to mistake an eccentric millionaire for an undesirable and try to have them ejected from the premises. That is why one simple piece of wisdom is passed down from generation to generation and that is: Don’t judge a person by their clothes, judge them by their shoes!

This piece of folk wisdom from the hospitality industry has been confirmed by science. According to a study published in the Journal of Research in Personality, 90 percent of your personality may be communicated by your choice of footwear. In other words, your shoes are a much more visible window to your soul than your eyes.

As a designer, Fabrice Tardieu’s passion is not about following trends but making creations that allow the wearers to truly express themselves and make an impression. As he himself says, his creations are for  ’’the guy who wants to be noticed when he walks into the room, he wants to look stylish but without being flashy. … It’s the guy who looks at details, he isn’t the loudest guy, but when he walks around people say, “Who is this guy?”

Screenshot (25).png


Maximilian 70 White Anaconda Red Sole

This simple white low top sneaker, for example, will nevertheless make an immediate impression thanks to the red and beige detailing. The wearer is obviously someone who naturally expects to be in the limelight and is completely at home there.

More restrained in appearance, this understated Italian leather sneaker mounted on a margom rubber sole reflects a spirit at home with itself, someone who values elegance and style for its own sake without the need to show off but with a flair for life revealed in the subtle natural leather detailing.


Hugo Boots

According to the study we mentioned earlier, boots are worn by the smart and the sensitive. Combining the luxury of an Italian-made boot with the comfort and ease of a sneaker, the ’’Hugo“’ adds independent and stylish to that list of qualities.

Fabrice Tardieu’s collection offers comfort and value for money, but more importantly, it will allow you to stand out in the crowd as a man of taste, style, and discernment without even trying.

Tardieu’s sneakerboot—which is dubbed the “Hugo”—comes in several bold colorways. But for us, the silhouette of the style has more than enough pizzazz. That’s why we think the standout of Tardieu’s offering is this black suede/nylon version that’s got the luxury of an Italian-made boot and the forward-thinking tech of a sneaker. Put that design on a classic sneaker sole (tweaked ever so slightly with a sharktooth bottom for a dash more flair), and you’ve got a shoe that’s ready for jeans, trousers, and even a slim black suit.

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