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On Tuesday, May 16th, a celebration of creation, talent, and inspiration was held at Jaya at The Setai in Miami Beach, to pay tribute to innovative self-taught fashion designer – Fabrice Tardieu. This exclusive event brought together many internationally acclaimed music producers, athletes, philanthropists, entrepreneurs, and friends who agreed to pool their influence in order to make a positive effect on the community.


Each year, Fabrice Tardieu hosts a lavish yet private dinner party to demonstrate with taste and style how influencers in various artistic and business niches can promote changes for the better and garner a strong following to uphold those changes in the future.

Guests had a rare opportunity to interact with one another throughout the evening and also savor delicious cuisine, consisting of Sea Bass Tikka, Pad Thai and Wagyu Ribeye, and cocktails prepared by the skilled chefs of the Setai. The evening came to a close as artist Ivben Taqiy presented Tardieu with an original portrait.

This year’s honoree

After over a decade of diligent work, Fabrice introduced a meticulously crafted new genre called “laid back luxury”, which propelled him to new heights in the ever-changing fashion circles. However, he is aware that with success comes great responsibility, so he was more than eager to show appreciation to his supporters by planning opportunities for coming generations to follow his footsteps.

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Bacheler Jean-Pierre - Petra Levin
Sandra Kubicka - Cedric Gervais - Fabrice Tatdieu
Damon Rutland
Daniela Botero
The Setai in Miami
Andrea Minski- Petra Levin - Christian Acosta
ivben Taqiy - Fabrice tardieu
Annie Gustafsson - Fabrice Tardieu
Pamela Garcia - Olier - Andrea Minski
Jared Shapiro - Shannon Allen
The Setai in Miami Beach

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