The New Classic from Fabrice Tardieu

The New Classic from Fabrice Tardieu

For shoe lovers and laid-back luxury lifestyle, Friday, May 19th was a night to remember. This is when Fabrice Tardieu, fashion designer and the man behind the laid-back luxury brand, launched his new Woman’s SS 2017 Slipper.

The relaxed, exclusive atmosphere of The Doheny Room at the Delano provided an ideal setting for the event, where Fabrice, who began his career at Giorgio Armani in France, mingled with celebrity guests such as former Miami Heat star Dwayne Wade and the team’s current captain Udonis Haslem and his wife and Faith. Well known fashionista Jenine Howard also attended the glamorous event and looked absolutely stunning wearing her Fabrice slip on new collection shoes.

The launch, which was hosted by celebrity stylist Calyann Barnett, saw the introduction of the latest addition to Fabrice Tardieu’s 2017 collection. The collection as a whole reflects Fabrice’s commitment to creating sophisticated, luxurious footwear that is, at the same time, relaxed and casual.


As the man himself says:

“This collection is a combination of comfort and sophistication.

Thus, the reason why it mainly consists of runners and slip-on mules is for an easy to wear aesthetic that is comfortable and very good for traveling.

Sophistication is always found in the construction of my shoes, but this time it is even more noticeable because of the leathers we are using.

Crocodile, python, salmon… all are materials that are exotic and extremely rich in texture giving the collection the true meaning of laid back luxury.”

And the latest addition does not disappoint. A simple yet elegant slip-on, it would not look out of place at an exclusive launch party, resting under a first-class seat on a long haul flight to Europe, or on a simple stroll beside the sea. As with all Fabrice Tardieu’s shoes, it is fashioned with European craftsmanship in his workshops in Italy and features his signature logo as a seal of approval and mark of quality.

New Slip On leather shoes from Fabrice Tardieu

The slip-on, shown here in Beige & Black Python Print, and Black Textured (salmon), is made of the finest leather mounted on leather soles and features graceful sweeping lines that add sophistication and elegance to the basic idea of a slipper. This concept eliminates the need to sacrifice style and elegance for comfort. The harmonization of the contrast between the simplicity of a slip-on shoe and the luxuriousness of the materials and cut mark this shoe as an instant sensation.

Inspired by the multi-cultural energy of Miami as well as New York City, Paris and London street-cultures, Fabrice Tardieu has given a modern international twist to a time-honored classic, resulting in a creation that will satisfy the highest demands for both comfort and luxury of the most sophisticated buyer.
And along with shoe-lovers, perhaps basketball fans will remember May 19th as well, thanks to the reunion of former Miami Heat teammates Dwayne Wade and Udonis Haslem, who both, incidentally, bought a pair of shoes for their wives.

See the gallery here:  

The New Slip On Classic from Fabrice Tardieu
Dwayne Wade, Calyann Bardnett and Fabrice Tardieu
The New Classic from Fabrice Tardieu
Calyann Barnett & Fabrice Tardieu
Dwayne Wade and Fabrice Tardieu
Dwyane Wade & Calyann Barnett
Sky Watson at Fabrice Tardieu Party
Calyann Barnett at Fabrice Tardieu Party
Fabrice Tardieu Slip on Shoe
The New Classic from Fabrice Tardieu
Doheny Room

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