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The Perfect Festive Gift: Luxury Footwear

The Festive Season is fast approaching and for a lot of us, that means just one thing; Panic as we desperately try to find that special gift for that special someone in our lives. You want to find something that is unique, beautiful, something that will last, something your loved one would desire but maybe not buy for themselves and, above all, something that shows how well you know them. In short, the perfect gift. But what could it be?

Here’s an idea, High-End Sneakers!

Luxury shoes are not the first thing that springs to mind when you’re looking for a gift but when you think about it there are plenty of reasons why they make the perfect present:

  • Shoes express personality. Choose the right pair and you’re showing how well you know the recipient.
  • Handcrafted luxury sneakers are, in their own right, a thing of beauty.
  • Nobody can have too many shoes, and that goes for men as well as women. But sometimes we feel reluctant to treat ourselves to a new pair when we already have a closet full, no matter how much we secretly desire them. Guilt-free sneakers, who could ask for more.
  • With the proper care and attention, a pair of luxury shoes can last for years.

All good reasons why luxury footwear makes the perfect present. So now you know what to buy, here’s a further bit of inspiration, some highlights from the collection of Fabrice Tardieu which would ideal make Christmas gifts,

If you’re shopping for a lady, here are some suggestions

Maximilien Aqua Laminate

The latest addition to the popular Maximilien range, the Maximilien Aqua Laminate captures the holiday spirit with its vivid color and shine. And it’s comfortable enough to wear while dancing the night away. The perfect gift for your perfect party girl.

Ella Navy Star

Nothing will say ’’You are my guiding light“ like the Ella Navy Star. Comfortable and laid-back, but with extra thick soles to give that added boost to height that ladies love, the star motif on this mocassin will leave that special someone with no doubt about how you feel for them.

Milky Boot Bicolor Python

For the lady who likes darker colors, this impressive Python boot is a must. It shows character and strength but at the same time, playfulness.Practical, comfortable and strikingly individual, who wouldn’t want to find these in her Christmas stocking?

And don’t despair if you’re shopping for a man, Fabrice Tardieu has something for you.

Runner 03 Ocean Blue (Crocodile Print)

How about this pair of crocodile print sneakers. At first glance, they look almost like an ordinary pair of sneakers, but then the subtle blue coloring of the crocodile print starts to work its magic and your eye is drawn back to them again and again. Perfect for the man who likes to leave an impression without making a splash.

Maximilien 62 Black & Gold

For the more flamboyant man, the Maximilien Black and Gold Star has it all. Emblazoned with gold stars, it is immediately eye-catching and is sure to put a bounce in the step of the star in your life.

Driss Slip 03 Navy & White

This low cut salmon print mocassin is both sleek enough to be worn to the club and laid-back enough to be spotted chilling with friends at brunch. The perfect all-rounder for the guy who likes to look sharp without overthinking their outfits.

If you still haven’t found what you’re looking for, check out the whole collection for yourself Click here for Women’s shoes, and here for Men’s. Happy Holidays everyone.