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These Are the Coziest Chelsea Boots We’ve Ever Tried

Probably because they’re not boots at all.

A transitional wardrobe (like the one you’re going to be rocking in about a month’s time) requires a shoe fit to handle all scenarios. Lightweight sneakers are too breezy and susceptible to inclement autumn weather. Traditional boots will just create a sweatbox around your toes. That’s where sneakerboots come in. And though the idea of the Chelsea boot–sneaker mash-up is nothing new, an up-and-coming designer named Fabrice Tardieu has managed to breathe new life into the hybrid.

fabrice tardieu cozy sneakersNew Boots form Fabrice Tardieu

Tardieu, who resides in Miami, launched his self-titled label in 2014 after spending years in France working sales at Giorgio Armani (so you can be sure he knows a thing about luxury and making stuff people want). These days the brand is available at Neiman Marcus, a store that also knows about luxury and selling top-tier products.

Fabrice Tardieu Chelsea Boots

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